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Toward unconventional magnetic phenomena via structural tailoring

May 12, 2021l Hit 290
Date : March 23, 2021 15:00 ~ 16:30
Speaker : Dr. Jongho Park (Sungkyunkwan University)
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- Title : Toward unconventional magnetic phenomena via structural tailoring


- Abstract : Crystal and electronic structures can determine the localization degree of electrons contributing to the magnetic properties. In recent decades, studies on the structural confinement of electrons are highlighted to achieve exotic physical phenomena. Ferromagnetic spin split of the interstitial electron under high pressure is theoretically predicted in alkali metals, and non-Fermi liquid (NFL) behaviour in ferromagnetic heavy-fermion (HF) materials is reported in f-electron systems. In this talk, we will present unconventional magnetic phenomena that originated from structural tailoring. An electride is the ionic crystal in which electrons serve as anions. Controlling the interlayer space of two dimensional (2D) Y2C electride evolves anisotropic magnetism along the c-axis even in the absence of magnetic elements. 2D localized interstitial anionic electrons (IAEs) between 2D slabs of cationic [Y2C]δ+ frameworks reveal enhanced Stoner-type magnetism when the localization degree of IAEs is induced. Gd3SnC antiperovskite, an inverted structure by the switched cation and anion positions about the common perovskite, provides localized Gd 5d-electrons that arise from the strong covalent bonding nature of CGd6 octahedra. Regardless of ferromagnetic 4f-electrons, the formation of Kondo singlets between localized 5d- and itinerant electrons shows unusual NFL HF behaviour in the ferromagnetic ground state. These results suggest an insight for research into origins of the unconventional magnetism from structural viewpoints.


Host : Prof. Changyoung Kim