Center for Correlated Electron Systems


Controlling the electronic structure of two-dimensional semiconductors in the real space and ultrafast time domains

November 14, 2017l Hit 1505
Date : December 11, 2017 16:00 ~ 16:30
Speaker : Prof. Soren Ulstrup(Aarhus University)
Location : Bldg. 19, Rm. 210

Two-dimensional (2D) semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) exhibit a diverse collection of intriguing electronic phenomena. These include single-particle effects related to new spin and valley physics, as well as exotic many-body interactions. The latter
are exemplified by the presence of tunable band gaps and tightly bound excitons and trions. Here, I will discuss our recent efforts to synthesize single-layer TMDs such as MoS2 and WS2 using a variety of methods ranging from van der Waals epitaxy [1] to manual exfoliation, transfer and assembly of TMD-based heterostructures with other 2D materials [2,3]. Characterization of the electronic properties of such materials is carried out using a combination of angle-resolved photoemission (ARPES) experiments that incorporate either
ultrafast time-resolution (TR-ARPES) or micro- to nano-scale spatial resolution (microARPES/nanoARPES). I will show how ultrafast band gap tuning and control of the spin- and valley-degrees of freedom in TMDs can be achieved and observed in pump-probe experiments [4]. Finally, I will address how the substrate material influences the band structure and many-body interactions in 2D heterostructures based on spatially-resolved photoemission experiments [2,3].

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[4] S. Ulstrup, A. G. Cabo et al.: Spin and Valley Control of Free Carriers in Single-Layer WS2.
Physical Review B: Rapid Communications 95, 041405(R) (2017).


Host: Prof. Changyoung Kim