Center for Correlated Electron Systems

Awardee of the 1st 2019 S-OIL Next Generation Scientist Award (2019.12.17, S-Oil Auditorium)

January 9, 2020l Hit 242

Professor Yong-il Shin received the first S-OIL Next-Generation Scientist Award (in physics) established in 2019 to discover and support talented scientists who hold the promising future that will lead the Korean science and technology community.

Professor Yong-il Shin is conducting an experimental study on two-dimensional superfluid quantum physical properties using cryogenic atomic gas samples in the nano-kelvin state. For the first time, he observed new topological excitation states such as skimions and anti-quantum quantum vortices in antiferromagnetic spinner superfluids. In addition, he was highly recognized by suggesting a new experimental study to explore the universality of turbulence phenomena introducing the turbulent phenomena similar to the highly viscous fluids in viscous superfluids.