Seminar Notice

Speaker Prof. Alireza Akbari (POSTECH)
Date & Time 2017.04.28, 10:00~11:00
Place Bldg. 19, Rm. 210
Title Possible Mixed-pairing superconductivity in hole doped Sr2IrO4

The nature of the achievable superconductivity in Sr2IrO4 is still under debate, which motivates us to investigate the potential existence of a superconducting phase in 5d Mott insulators, Sr2IrO4. Using a mean-field method, we predict the mixed singlet-triplet superconductivity is observed due to the antisymmetric exchange originating from a quasi-spin-orbit-coupling. This also conjectures the existence of a mixed-paring phase, boosted by antisymmetric exchange, in other iridates that host a similar mechanism for an insulating state. This insulating state is confirmed for other iridates such as Sr3Ir2O7 and BaIrO3. Our calculation on ribbon geometry shows possible existence of the topologically protected edge states while the spin-triplet component of the order parameter is larger than the spin-singlet one. These edge modes emerge as zero-energy flat bands, supporting a symmetry protected Majorana states. We propose an innovative approach for experimental observation of these edge states based on the quasi-particle interference (QPI) technique.


Host : PhD. Suk Bum Chung