Currently recruiting 2 group leaders
June, 2014    
Center for Correlated Electron Systems CCES Workshop 2014 was held in Pyeong-Chang in Gangwon-do
August, 2013
Official name of the center is changed from CFI-CES to Center for Correlated Electron Systems (CCES : 강상관계 물질 연구단)    
June, 2013
First CFI-CES Workshop 2013 was held in Sok-Cho in Gangwon-do       
June, 2013
CFI-CES major facilities moved to Building #19       
May, 2013
Second fiscal year started.
April, 2013
First fiscal year finished. 31 equipment were ordered       
January-April, 2013
Renovation of Building #19       
August, 2012
CFI-CES was inaugurated.
Initial research group is composed with two groups;
Group 1 Atomic-Scale Epitaxy (ASE)
Group 2 Emergent Phenomena
April, 2012
Professor Tae Won Noh was selected as the director of IBS Center for Functional Interfaces of Correlated Electron Systems (CFI-CES: 강상관계 물질 기능성 계면 연구단)